Now you can buy my art cheap-ish at Tradera! I have a ten week-project of selling artworks with stories from my life. Follow it on: rehnkonst.tumblr.com

I am proud to tell you that I showed my art at "Salon", a pop-up gallery/show in Copenhagen. I was invited by the curator Leonora Aunstrup who inspired me to explore deeper into my experimental art. it turned into a complete dark room full of new art, and a performance that started with a hunt and ended in an explosive dance. Marvellous night, thank you all for coming.

If you are interested in buying my very own childrens book, "Moas mörker" you can find it at

Next exhibit is planned in the middle of february at c/o Home in Malmö. More to come on that.
Until then - have a wonderful Christmas and New Year everybody!

// Johanna Rehn