Thank you for making the gallery night in Malmö so great! My homebuilt mobile fairytale-gallery was a true success, so you will defnitely see me wondering the streets with my art again..

My next exhibition will be in the church of Caroli, the 25-27 th of November. Its going to be a cozy adventexhibit with many other artists. See you there!

I now have two books out that I´ve both written and illustrated - Moas mörker (Moas darkness) and Moa möter skolan (Moa starts school). If you click "books" in the menu you can get a sneak peak!
Buy the books here: http://www.idusforlag.se/moas_morker

And the great news is that there is a third book coming! Opal just signed up for the book about Bäver-Lia, a girl that crashes into a beaver home, and gets beaver teeth sown in, then starts living with them.. It will be released during 2017.

All the best,
// Johanna Rehn