After on year of traveling around South America I feel filled up to the edge by inspiration. The journey has offered a lot of inner journeys, for example learning about the old traditions of the incas and shamans of Peru and Ecuador has been mind-opening.
And so here I am, back in Malmö and trying to grasp some of the transformations and things I want to share with my own tribe.
The strong woman, the witch, the healer, the seeker, the brave and creating one, in connection with herself and nature is one thing that has taken my full attention. 
In our society we also have that woman, the one that healed with herbs and could move energies, and it is just around the corner in history. 

My next exhibition will be about that woman, the woman in touch with her inner element, the shamanic approach to life, how we live and percieve the fire, the earth, the water and the wind. We are all one with this amazing creation of nature.
Welcome to my open studio for the "Konstrundan" - when all artists of Skåne opens up their studios during two weekends around easter.
You are invited to my very own combined home and studio on the 10-19th of April. 11.00-18.00 every day, and some days I will have exciting evening events on the strong female theme like life-drawing, musical interpretation, performance.. it will obviosuly be amazing.

Another amazing thing...
....is that me and my dear friend Ciile has started giving weekend courses for women, for empowerment, playfulness and creativity, and you can find more info about it here: Systraskaparna
There´s one retreat happening the 24-26th of April and one on the 22-24th of May.

And in march I am having a five day-women-empowerment-creativity-exploration at the magical island Visingsö, read more about it here: https://braheskolan.se/#/kurs/kraftkvinna

An exhibition coming up in march is set at Bjärreds bibliotek, with original illustrations from a couple of my childrens books. I will also do some readings from the books, if you´re up for a cozy fairytale-moment. 28/3-26/4.


If you´re curious about childrens books you could take a look at the three books that I´ve written and illustrated:

"Bäver-Lia", about Lia, a girl that crashes into a beaver home, and gets beaver teeth sown in, then starts living with the family.. Published by Opal förlag.

"Moas mörker" (Moas darkness) about being afraid of the dark and daring to meet your fear.
"Moa möter skolan" (Moa starts school) about being scared of not making friends in school, published by Idus Förlag.
You can find them at the publishers pages, or at bookshops on internet.

Hope to see you soon!
Powerful blooming greetings,

Johanna Bianca Rehn