This easter I will show my latest art at Skillinge teater in Österlen. 
After three months of studying art at Visingsö I feel that new things are coming to live within me and within my art. I hope your curiousness will make you visit me during these three days: Långfredagen 30th of March, Påskafton 31th and Påskdagen 1st of April. Everyday it will be open 12.00-17.00. 

And if you want to know what the TV-programme "Sverige!" filmed about me you can watch: Programmet Sverige! om konstnären Johanna Rehn, april 2017

Now there´s three books that I´ve both written and illustrated - "Bäver-Lia", about Lia, a girl that crashes into a beaver home, and gets beaver teeth sown in, then starts living with the family.. Published by Opal förlag.
"Moas mörker" (Moas darkness) about being afraid of the dark, and "Moa möter skolan" (Moa starts school) about being scared of being without friends, published by Idus Förlag.
Find the books on the publishers pages, or at bookshops on internet.

All the best,
// Johanna Rehn