You are very welcome to my exhibition at c/o Home on Friday the 13th of February! The opening goes from 18-20 and you will find the art, wine and me at Studentgatan 2 in Malmö.

I just finished a ten week-project of auctioning out artworks with stories from my life. The works are sold now, but the stories you can still read at: rehnkonst.tumblr.com

I am proud to tell you that I showed my art at "Salon", a pop-up gallery/show in Copenhagen. I was invited by the curator Leonora Aunstrup who inspired me to explore deeper into my experimental art. It turned into a complete dark room full of new art, and a performance that started with a hunt and ended in an explosive dance. Marvellous night, thank you all for coming.

If you are interested in buying my childrens book, "Moas mörker" you can find it at

// Johanna Rehn